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JADE PTA Balloon

Jade PTA Balloon

Hybrid OTW/RX Design


Hybrid OTW/RX Design

JADE has a 60 cm lumen tracking section, making this a hybrid Rapid exchange/Over-the-Wire construction.
JADE’s extended Rx section allows better pushability than a traditional Rapid Exchange catheter.

Balloon Compliance

JADE is a non-compliant balloon for controlled opening of resistant lesions.

Compliance of 2.0 mm balloons



Rated Burst Pressure

JADE has the highest rated burst pressure amongst competitor products of the same class.

Rated Burst Pressure* Comparison

measured in ATM

Source: Competitor websites

Lubricious Coating

Hydro-X Hydrophilic coating on distal shaft for added crossability

Hydro-X hydrophilic coating adds lubricity to reduce friction to enhance crossability.


Invio hydrophobic coating is water-repellent and minimizes guidewire friction.




Compliance Chart








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