Revass Utama Medika



Nanolute Technology

NANOLUTE TECHNOLOGY is designed to improve the lipophilicity and bioavailability of Sirolimus

  • Phospholipid is a drug carrier with two lipophilic tails and one hydrophilic head.
  • Sirolimus is encapsulated in phospholipid with proprietary Nanolute technology.


Nanolute Technology

Conversion of Sirolimus drug into sub-micron sized particles

Nanocarriers created by encapsulation of sub-micron sized
Sirolimus drug into highly biocompatible drug

Upon inflation of MagicTouch SCB at target site, nanocarriers
with Sirolimus drug inside gets transferred to the vessel wall
following the principle of co-efficient diffusion

Upon body pH variation, nanocarriers mimics the body lipids and
liberates Sirolimus

The sub-micron sized Sirolimus drug particles penetrate the
deepest layer of the vessel over a period






Unique Coating Technology

Drug carrier along with drug is coated on the unfolded balloon to achieve 100% coating on balloon surface
Unique and proprietary refolding mechanism facilitates better crossing profile